Trắc nghiệm tiếng anh 8 Unit 1: My friends (P1)

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Bài có đáp án. Câu hỏi và bài tập trắc nghiệm tiếng anh 8: Unit 1: My friends (P1). Học sinh luyện tập bằng cách chọn đáp án của mình trong từng câu hỏi. Dưới cùng của bài trắc nghiệm, có phần xem kết quả để biết bài làm của mình. Kéo xuống dưới để bắt đầu.

Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the others.

Question 1:

  • a. public
  • b. humorous
  • c. lucky
  • d. under

Question 2:

  • a. friend
  • b. enough
  • c. planet
  • d. extremely

Question 3:

  • a. sociable
  • b. carry
  • c. Mercury
  • d. curly

Question 4:

  • a. kitchen
  • b. check
  • c. character
  • d. watch

Question 5:

  • a. photograph
  • b. enouph
  • c. althouph
  • d. lauph

Choose the word or phrase that best completes each unfinished sentence below or substitutes for the underlined word or phrase.

Question 6: The water in the lake seldom ____ in winter.

  • a. freeze
  • b. freezes
  • c. froze
  • d. freezing

Question 7: In Britain school always ____ in September.

  • a. begin
  • b. begins
  • c. began
  • d. beginning

Question 8: I don’t have enough money ____.

  • a. for a holiday
  • b. toa holiday
  • c. to go a holiday
  • d. going on holiday

Question 9: He wasn’t experienced enough ___.

  • a. for doing the job
  • b. to do the job
  • c. to the job
  • d. doing the job

Question 10: The wall was ___.

  • a. ten meters height
  • b. ten meter height
  • c. ten meters high
  • d. high ten meters

Question 11: Here are some books - take the ___ you want.

  • a. books
  • b. things
  • c. ones
  • d. person

Question 12: He’s the boy ___ invited me to his party.

  • a. he
  • b. who
  • c. him
  • d. Ø

Question 13: Her new glasses change her ___.

  • a. appear
  • b. appears
  • c. appearance
  • d. appearances

Question 14: She is very generous ___ she often buys me presents.

  • a. sociable
  • b. outgoing
  • c. kind
  • d. reserved

Question 15: _____ is something that you say or do to make people laugh.

  • a. Joke
  • b. Novel
  • c. Poem
  • d. Fairy tale

Choose the words or phrases that are not correct in Standard English.

Question 16: She threw the bag of potato chips to James and he catches it with one hand.

  • a. of
  • b. to
  • c. catches
  • d. with

Question 17: Old Mr. MacGill had thick red hair when he is young but now he is completely bald.

  • a. had
  • b. is
  • c. is
  • d. bald

Question 18: He didn't get the job because he wasn’t enough experienced.

  • a. didn't
  • b. because
  • c. wasn't
  • d. enough experienced

Question 19: It is annoyed when people don’t listen to you.

  • a. is
  • b. annoyed
  • c. don't
  • d. to

Question 20: Generous is part of the American character.

  • a. Generous
  • b. is
  • c. of
  • d. the

Choose the word (a, b, c, or d) that best fits each of the blank spaces.

My sister and I like each other very much although we are very (Question 21) ____. She’s six years (Question 22) ___ me and she works in a bank. I’m still (Question 23) ____ school, so I don’t have a job. My sister (Question 24) ___ her job, and she earns a lot of money, so she can go out and enjoy herself. She’s very (Question 25) ___ and often invites me to go with her, but I’m studying very (Question 26) ___ at the moment because I want to pass my exams. I usually say no when she asks me, (Question 27) ___ last night I was tired (Question 28) ____ work so I went with her to a dance. We had a great time!

Question 21:

  • a. similar
  • b. the same
  • c. alike
  • d. different

Question 22:

  • a. old than
  • b. older than
  • c. oldest
  • d. the oldest

Question 23:

  • a. in
  • b. at
  • c. on
  • d. of

Question 24:

  • a. like
  • b. likes
  • c. is liking
  • d. are liking

Question 25:

  • a. kind
  • b. reserved
  • c. hard-working
  • d. helpful

Question 26:

  • a. hard
  • b. hardly
  • c. hard-working
  • d. busy

Question 27:

  • a. so
  • b. because
  • c. but
  • d. and

Question 28:

  • a. by
  • b. with
  • c. of
  • d. to

Read the following passage and choose the item (a, b, c, or d) that best answers each of the questions about it.

I have twin brothers, Tim and Tom. They are very similar and a lot of people don’t know which is which. They both have blond hair and blue eyes, and they always wear jeans and T-shirts.

They like doing the same things, too. For example, they both like jazz and they’re crazy about football. They go to a football match once a week. Tim doesn’t like dancing or discos and Tom doesn’t like them, either. Although they’re twins, they’re not exactly the same at everything. Tim works hard at school because he wants to go to university, but Tom is a bit lazy.

Our mother is often away from home because of her job, so we all work together in the house. Most of the time it’s fine, but sometimes we fight a bit!

Question 29: What does the word ‘similar’ in line 1 mean?

  • a. the same in some ways
  • b. completely the same
  • c. completely different
  • d. liked by many people

Question 30: Tim and Tom ____.

  • a. are the author’s twin brothers
  • b. have blond hair and blue eyes
  • c. always wear jeans and T-shirts
  • d. all are correct

Question 31: What does the word ‘them’ refer to?

  • a. things
  • b. jazz
  • c. jeans and T-shirts
  • d. dancing or discos

Question 32: Which of the following is NOT true?

  • a. Tim is hard-working
  • b. Tom is a bit lazy
  • c. Their mother is often away from home
  • d. Tim doesn't like dancing or discos but Tom likes them.

Question 33: The passage is written about the author's ___.

  • a. brothers
  • b. pen pals
  • c. cousins
  • d. a & c
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