[Explore] Tiếng Anh 6 Unit 10: What's the weather like?

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Hướng dẫn học Unit 10: What's the weather like?. Đây là sách giáo khoa nằm trong bộ sách "Cánh Diều" được biên soạn theo chương trình đổi mới của Bộ giáo dục. Hi vọng, với cách hướng dẫn cụ thể và giải chi tiết học sinh sẽ nắm bài học tốt hơn.


[Cánh Diều] Soạn tiếng Anh 6 Unit 10: What's the weather like?

=> Answer: Đang cập nhật

[Cánh Diều] Soạn tiếng Anh 6 Unit 10: What's the weather like?

Language Focus

[Cánh Diều] Soạn tiếng Anh 6 Unit 10: What's the weather like?

=> Answer: Học sinh tự thực hành và ghi nhớ ngữ pháp

C. Look at the weather chart. Complete the conversation. Listen and check your sore answers. Then practice with a partner.

Hunter: What's the weather like where you live?

Sarah: Well, in Perth, it’s always 1. (hot / cold) in January and February. That's the 2. (summer / autumn) here.

Hunter: Really? So when is it winter in Australia?

Sarah: Well, winter is from 3. (june to September / November to January).

Hunter: In Ottawa, winter is from 4. (November to March / October to December). It’s always really 5. (cold / cool). Winters are long and snowy.

Sarah: Is it hot in the summer?

Hunter: Well, it's sometimes hot, but it’s usually 6. (warm and sunny / cool and dry).

=> Answer:

1. Hot 2. summer 3. june to september

4. november to march 5.cold 6.cool and dry

D. What's the weather like where you live? Answer the questions. Discuss your answers with a partner.

1. What’s the weather like in March? ________________

2. What's the weather like in October?_______________

3. What are the hottest/coldest months? _____________

4. Is it usually warm and sunny in August? ____________

5. If it's warm tomorrow, what will youdo?_______________

=> Answer:

1. It warm and sunny

2. It's dry and cold

3. The hottest moth is July and the coldest moths is December

4. Yes, it is

5. I will go camping

[Cánh Diều] Soạn tiếng Anh 6 Unit 10: What's the weather like?

=> Answer: Học sinh tự thực hành

The real world

[Cánh Diều] Soạn tiếng Anh 6 Unit 10: What's the weather like?

A. Look at the photo. Complete the captions with the words from the box

=> Answer: Ice/ tennis/ tornadoes

B. Listen to facts about the weather.

=> Answer: Đang cập nhật


Final -y sound

A. Listen and repeat.

1. wind, windy 2. sun, sunny

B. Listen. Circle the words you hear.

1. ice icy 4. cloud cloudy

2. snow snowy 5. rain rainy

3. storm stormy 6. wind windy

=> Answer: Đang cập nhật

C. Work with a partner. Take turns to read the words in B.

=> Answer: Học sinh tự thực hành


"I'm under the weather" means?

a. I feel sick

b. I feel happy

=> Answer: a. I feel sick

[Cánh Diều] Soạn tiếng Anh 6 Unit 10: What's the weather like?

=> Answer: Học sinh tham gia hoạt động trên lớp và thực hành



Most people run away from tornadoes, but Roger Hill runs toward them. He is a “storm chaser.” He takes photos of storms. He has photos of more than 650 tornadoes!

Hill runs a company called Silver Lining Tours. His company organizes trips for people who want to see tornadoes. He spends about four months every year traveling. He travels all over the United States looking for tornadoes. He finds them by checking the Internet for weather information. When he finds a storm, he starts driving toward it. His company’s cars have special equipment to help him follow the storms.

Whenever he's chasing and photographing tornadoes, Hill knows he needs to be safe. He says you can get close to a tornado and take a picture. However, if you make a mistake, it can kill you. So in a way, it’s like a photographer trying to take photos of grizzly bears. Before taking a photograph, you need to be ready and to have an escape route. Safety is really important!

A. Look at the photo and read the caption. Who do you think Roger Hill is?

a. a photographer

b. a weather reporter

c. a TV reporter

=> Answer: a. A photographer

B. Read the title. What do you think storm chasers do?

=> Answer: They just want to se tornadoes and take a picture

C. Read the article quickly. Underline the words that mean the opposite of “away.”

=> Answer: Get close


A. Choose the correct answers for Storm Chaser.

1.The article is mainly about _____.

a. a person who chases storms

b. how storms form into tornadoes

c. how to stay safe from storms

2. In line 7, what does “them” mean?

a. people b. tornadoes c. tours

3. Tornadoes and grizzly bears are both __.

a. fast b. dangerous c. difficult to find

4, What is an “escape route”? (lines 15-16)

a. a fast car b. ahiding place c. a way of getting away

5. Hill says ____is really important.

a. safety b. time c. weather information

=> Answer: 1.a 2.b 3.b 4.c 5.a

B. Read the article again. Put the sentences in order from 1 to 4.

1.________ 2_______. 3.______ 4._______

a. Hill finds the storm. b. Hill photographs the storm.

c. Hill checks his escape route. d.._Hill starts driving toward the storm.

=> Answer: 1.a 2.d 3.c 4.d

C. Critical thinking. Do you think Roger Hill's job sounds exciting or scary

=> Answer: In my opinion, Rocker Hill's job is both exciting and scary. This brings to you an interesting feeling that not everybody can experience but it's also scary if he doesn't have a escape route, the tornadoes will kill him.


Write a postcard. Imagine you are on vacation. Tell a friend where you are and what the weather is like. Write 40-60 words.

Hi Melanie!

I'm on an island near Hawaiil It’s very beautifull The weather is really nice. The temperature is around 3O degrees. The waves are amazing, and I can surf

almost every day. It's usually sunny, but today it’s raining and I don’t know what to do! I'm waiting for it to be sunny again!

Wish you were here,


=> Answer:

Hi Gareth.

I'm in Da Nang now and this is a beautiful city. The weather is sunny and cool. The temperature is around 28 degrees. We go to the My Khe beach - the most beautiful beach in Vietnam. I and my father play jetski, it's very funny. In the afternoon, I and my family will go around and eat local food, i heard that local food is delecious. There are a lot of things that i and my family will do at this place.

Wish you were here,


Video: Tornado chaser


Guess. Complete the advice about tornadoes. If there is a tornado in your area:

a. you (should / shouldn't) hide in the basement.

b. you (should / shouldn't) hide under a table.

c. you (should / shouldn’t) stay near windows.

=> Answer: a. should b. shouldn't c. shouldn't


A.Check your answers to the Before You Watch question.

B. Watch the video again. Circle T for True or F for False. &

1. There are more than 8,000 tornadoes in T F

the United States every year.

2. Many tornadoes take place in an area T F

called “Twister Alley.”

3. Scientists drive cars with special equipment T F

to study tornadoes.

4. Scientists study tornadoes to help T F

keep people safe.

=> Answer: Đang cập nhật


Talk with a partner. Why do you think storm chasers do such dangerous work? Would you want to be a storm chaser?

=> Answer: Because storm chasers can be kill by tornadoes whenever they don't have escape route. I don't want to be a storm chaser because i don't want to bater with my life.

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