[Global success] Tiếng Anh 6 unit 9: Skills 2

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Hướng dẫn giải Tiếng Anh 6 unit 9: Cities of the world- Skills 2. Đây là phần bài tập nằm trong bộ sách "Global success" được biên soạn theo chương trình đổi mới của Bộ giáo dục. Hi vọng, với cách hướng dẫn cụ thể và giải chi tiết học sinh sẽ làm bài tốt hơn

1. Work in groups. Discuss anf answer the questions.

1. Where is Bangkok?

2. What is Bangkok famous for?

[Kết nối tri thức và cuộc sống] Tiếng Anh 6 unit 9: Skills 2

=> Answer:

1. Bangkok is in ThaiLand

2. It' s famous for Palaces

2. Listen and tick T (True) or F (False)

1. Bangkok is famous for palaces
2.Things at Chatucchak market are expensive
3. The float market is on the sea
4. You can find food stalls all around Bangkok

=> Answer:

1. F (famous for its markets and street food)

2. F (cheap) 3. F (on the river) 4.T

3. Listen again and fill each gap with ONE word / number.

1. Chatuchak market has over....... stalls.

2. Chatuchak market is about....... minutes’ walk from the station.

3. You can see part of Thai people's ............ at a market.

4. Street food in Bangkok is .........

=> Answer:

1. 15000 2. 5 3. life 4. delicious

4. Work in groups. Talk about a city in your country, using the questions below as a guide.

- What city is it?

- What is it like? (the weather, the people, the food)

- What can you see and do there?

=> Answer:

- It's Thanh Hoa city

- The weather is sunny, the people is friendly and helpful, the food is cheap and delicious

- You can go to Sam Son beach to swim

5. Write a postcard of about 50 words about your holiday in a city. Use the information in 4.

=> Answer: Học sinh dựa vào gợi ý bài 4 để hoành thành viết postcard

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