[Friends plus] Giải tiếng anh 6 unit 2: Days - Language Focus

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Hướng dẫn giải Days - Language Focus. Đây là phần bài tập nằm trong bộ sách "Friends plus" được biên soạn theo chương trình đổi mới của Bộ giáo dục. Hi vọng, với cách hướng dẫn cụ thể và giải chi tiết học sinh sẽ làm bài tốt hơn.

1. Compare the sentences. Then match a-d with Spelling Rules 1-4

a. I study a lot/ Her older daughter studies hard

b. We have breakfast at 7.30 a. m/ He has breakfast at 5.30 a.m

c. My brother and I go to school/He goes to work

d. I get up at 7.am/Noel up at 4.45 a.m

[Friends plus] Days - Language Focus

=> Answer: a - 3 b - 4 c - 2 d -1

2. Choose the correct verbs

1 You go / goes to bed at 9.30 p.m.

2 My parents relaxes / relax in the evening.

3 My teacher speaks / speak four languages.

4 Our English class finish / finishes at 3 p.m.

5. I has / have lunch at home.

6. Mysister studies / study at the weekend.

=> Answer:

1. go 2. relax 3. speaks

4. finishes 5. have 6. studies

3 . Now indicate the word whose bold part differs from the other three in pronunciation.

1 a. relaxes b. finishes c. studies d. boxes

2 a. goes b. does c. watches d. toes

3 a. aches b. watches c. beaches d. matches

4 a. washes b. wishes c. makes d. witches

5 a. takes b. makes c. aches d. watches

=> Answer: 1.c 2.c 3.a 4. c 5.d

4. Comeplete the exemples from the text on pape 26. Then choose the correct worcds ln Rules 1-3

1. The younger children....................................

2 Sue.................................................... TV a lot

3 The Radfords ........... usually ......... to restaurants.

=> Answer:

1. don't help 2. doesn't watch 3. don't usually go to

5. Look at the information in the table. Write affirmative and negative sentences about the people.

Tom anfd Mi na wash the dishes

Vicky does't wash the car

[Friends plus] Days - Language Focus

=> Answer:

- Vicky doesn't wah the dishes

- Tom and Mina wash the car

- Tom and Vicky sit on the sofa a lot

- Mina does't sit on the sofa a lot

- Tom and Vicky don't make breakfast

- Mina makes breakfast

- Vicky watches TV a lot

- Tom and Mina don't watch TV a lot

6. Work in pairs. What does each person in your family do at home? Tell your partner. Use some of the verbs from pages 24-25 and exercise 5 (page 25) with adverbs of frequency

=> Answer: Học sinh thực hành theo cặp trên lớp

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