[Friends plus] Giải tiếng anh 6 Starter unit - Vocabulary

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Hướng dẫn Giải tiếng anh 6 Starter unit - Vocabulary . Đây là phần bài tập nằm trong bộ sách "Friends plus" được biên soạn theo chương trình đổi mới của Bộ giáo dục. Hi vọng, với cách hướng dẫn cụ thể và giải chi tiết học sinh sẽ làm bài tốt hơn.

1. Match the words in the box with pictures 1-15 then listen and check

[Friends plus] Starter unit - Vocabulary

1. Chatting online 2. Reading 3. meeting friends

4. art 5. photography 6. cycling

7. sport 8. animals 9. music

10. video games 11. watching TV 12. films

13. skateboarding 14. cooking 15. shopping

2. Read and complete the text with the words in the box. Then read, listen and check your answers

[Friends plus] Starter unit - Vocabulary

Hi! I'm Kate. I'm Twele and I'm from Oxford in the UK. i'm into sport and I'm good at basketball. apert form sport, I like (1)......... and (2)...... online. i'm not interested in shhopping. This is my brother Jack. Jack isn't into sport. He's into (3)........ and his favorites are football games. Jack isn't on his computer twenty-four hours aday - he and his friends like (4)........ but they aren't very good!

Our parents, Jen and Ed, like books and they're into (5) ....... My mum is interested in (6)...... and her photos are really good. Our mum and dadd are good at (7)>...Italian food is their favourite.

And you and your famuly? What are yout hobbies and interests?

=> Answer:

(1) Music (2) chatting (3) video games (4) skateboarding

(5) reading (6) photography (7) cooking

=> Answer: Đang cập nhật

4. Write six sentences about your interests.Use the Key Phrases in exercise 3 and the words in exercise 1

=> Answer:

- I'm into music

- I'm good at playing guitar

- I love reading books

- I like travelling

- I'm not good at dancing

- I'm into singing

=> Answer: Học sinh thực hành theo cặp

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