[Friends plus] Giải tiếng Anh 6 unit 4 Learning world - Culture

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Hướng dẫn giải tiếng Anh 6 unit 4 Learning world - Culture. Đây là phần bài tập nằm trong bộ sách "Chân trời sáng tạo" được biên soạn theo chương trình đổi mới của Bộ giáo dục. Hi vọng, với cách hướng dẫn cụ thể và giải chi tiết học sinh sẽ làm bài tốt hơn.

1. Look at the first photo and answer the questions. Then read the text and check your answer

1. Where is Ben?

2. What is he doing?

[Friends plus] Giải tiếng Anh 6 unit 4 Learning world - Culture

=> Answer:

1. Ben is at home

2. He is studying online

2. Read and listen to the text and answer the questions.

1 Why is Ben sometimes absent from school?

2 What helps Ben to keep learning?

3 Does Ben still go to school?

4 Can Ben pass the tests at school?

5 In your opinion, who often does online courses when he or she is absent from school?

=> Answer:

1. Because he plays tennis and he must practise a lot, and he often go to other countries to play in tournament

2. It's digital learning

3. Yes, he does

4. Yes, he can

5. They are child actors, child singers,

3. Answer the questions.

1 At what age do children usually start school in your country?

2 At what age can you leave school?

3 Can children in your country do online courses?

=> Answer:

1. Children start school at the age of six

2. Eighteen

3. Yes, they can

4. Work in groups. Discuss the topic: Is digital learning useful? Why? Follow the instructions

Digital learning is good for students who are famous star or with students who always have physical health problems. It is good because it helps students to catch up with the lesson in class throung internet. Student can learn whenever they want and wherever they are. It becomes more and more popular because a lot of schools apply this method of teching. However, it cannot replace schools because schools are the best place for students to gain knowledge and to have fun with their friends.

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